Character Creation

Character Creation

Dreadlands is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition hexcrawl campaign using the following guidelines for character creation:

Ability Score Generation

  • Standard Array
  • Point Buy, 27 points


  • To be completed later…

Death and Resurrection

Should your character happen to fall in battle or to some other hazard, you will be provided a temporary pre-generated character to play until the adventure is completed and your characters remains can be transported to a location which has an npc capable of raising the dead, provided the party is willing to spend the coin to bring your character back to life.

Replacement Characters

If a character higher than first level dies… and for whatever reason is not or cannot be raised from the dead, you may create a new character one level lower than your recently deceased character. Your new character begins with half the amount of experience points required to reach the next level, typical starting equipment, and funds.

All items, mundane and magical, but not including consumables like healing potions, are assumed to have been stolen, lost, ruined, destroyed, and/or buried with the dead characters body to prevent an excess of magical items and wealth in the party. The circumstances of the death may dictate a loss of consumables as well… such as being knocked off a cliff, into a storm-flooded river, whereupon said character drowns and is washed far downstream.